Having grown up in a faith that believed women should be silent and serve men, and born into a time when sexism was rampant, Dianne Leman could have easily missed her calling. Dianne met her husband Happy while studying at the University of Illinois. After getting married, Happy went on to get an MBA while Dianne became a special education teacher working on her PhD. It was Happy’s dream to become a millionaire, and Dianne’s dream to become a college professor.

God had other plans for them. After a battle with infertility and being told that they would most likely never conceive, they met the Holy Spirit and received a miraculous healing from Jesus. The Leman’s lives were forever altered when Dianne became pregnant. They knew they had to tell their whole town about this miracle-working Jesus.

In the late 1970’s, after having their first child, Happy and Dianne founded what is now The Vineyard Church of Central Illinois. They would go on to have four more children and Hap and Di would go on to grow and lead the church together.

In 1980, Happy heard Dianne speak at a Women’s Aglow meeting and he knew that preaching was a call on her life.

Gifted with a prophetic voice, Dianne has been leading the preaching team at The Vineyard Church for 30 years. She is a beloved speaker of both men and women, delivering powerful prophetic messages and weaving story telling throughout.

Dianne has also been a pioneer for women in the Vineyard Movement. She helped develop the Vineyard Movement’s “Women in Leadership” statement which affirms women in their gifting instead of their gender. Currently, she is leading the Women in Leadership Team and the Spiritual Renewal Team for the national Vineyard Movement.

Reading and writing have always been passions for Di. Dianne is the author of “We’re Pregnant!”: How to Receive God’s Cure for Infertility about her own infertility journey and the joyous stories of many other couples. Dianne has also authored, Hello Holy Spirit , a book and small group resource for learning how to receive the incredible gift of God Himself and experiencing His tangible power in every aspect of life.

Hap and Di have had the privilege of working together side by side for nearly 40 years and they are best friends and partners. God’s plan was so much bigger and better than they ever imagined as their original family of seven, has now ballooned to 28 with five children and spouses plus sixteen grandchildren. JD and Carrie, AJ and Kim, Mike and Julie, J and Katy and Cory and Jenna have brought untold riches to their lives.

Whether it’s sipping a strong Starbucks, praying for a sick friend, watching a good football game, preaching a message, mentoring a college student, or just playing with the kids, Di is still learning to know, love and follow Jesus.