Jesus is not exactly here on earth taking medical appointments, so how does Jesus heal today? Healing is a complex issue. There are no simple answers. Jesus. Heals. Today: The Best Prescription for a Hurting World, examines this question from fresh and thought provoking angles and provides real hope to those who are suffering.

We believe… Jesus, God Himself, is still healing the sick today, just like He did while He walked on the earth over 200 years ago. Our hope is each one of you will come away with fresh faith in Jesus’ deep desire for you, your family and your friends to be healthy and whole.

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Dianne Leman has been leading The Vineyard Church of Central Illinois with her husband, Happy, ever since the Holy Spirit rocked their lives in 1977. Together they boldly proclaim: “God is still doing miracles!” Today, Dianne serves on the National Vineyard Executive Board and leads teams for Women in Leadership and Spiritual Renewal. In her free time, Di loves playing with her growing brood of grandchildren, reading lots of books, taking long walks with Hap and loving the Holy Spirit more and more each day.