Healing story: The Moody Family

Today I am blessed to share the story of Kara and Ed Moddy. Stories of healing always encourage me and help build my faith. May this be the same for you.

From Kara:

Prayer had always been a big part of our lives, but the meaning of prayer changed for us on August 26, 2011. We received a phone call from our OB doctor notifying us that our pregnancy labs were decreasing and we were facing our third miscarriage. We were devastated. We had been praying for a healthy pregnancy and knew that it was God’s desire for us, so why had we been through so much heartache? We began to doubt God and His promise. We knew that after a third miscarriage we would medically qualify to see a fertility specialist. It seemed like the right answer to help our heartache. We told our OB doctor to start the referral process.

“Trust Me, I am the Ultimate Healer”

As soon as we hung up the phone with our OB doctor we felt like God spokeing to us in a very intimate way! God kept telling us “Trust Me, I AM the Ultimate Healer, My desire is for you to have a healthy pregnancy.” So we hit our knees and began to pray! God knew the desire of our heart was to be parents, and we trusted that He would honor those desires! On Sunday morning we went to church, and during praise and worship, God was revealing Himself in a big way! We could sense the Holy Spirit’s presence, and I got really warm and shaky and began to weep. I looked up at Ed and said we need to go forward for prayer and healing. As soon as the invitation was given to go forward we ran down to meet Di. We told Di that we had received news that our labs were indicating another miscarriage, but that we kept hearing God’s voice through prayer that He was bigger than this. Di laid hands on us and professed that God’s desire for us was to have a healthy pregnancy, and she prayed for healing over this pregnancy, future pregnancies, and my body. We left with confirmation that God was in charge.

That Wednesday I did miscarry. I remember thinking, God, what was all that about? You spoke to us in a very real way. If You are the Ultimate Healer, why didn’t you heal this?

Through prayer, God just kept saying, “Trust Me. I am bigger than any fertility specialist. I am the Ultimate Healer of all things. I do know the desires of your heart, and I am faithful. As hard as it was, we put our trust in His promise.”


A few weeks went by and I started having symptoms indicating I was pregnant. We thought there was no way. It was just two weeks prior that we had miscarried. But God kept speaking to our hearts, so we decided to take a pregnancy test and it turned positive immediately. We called our OB doctor to share the news and with hesitation, she ordered pregnancy labs. Our labs were extremely high and kept climbing, a sign of a healthy pregnancy! We went in a couple of weeks later to see the beautiful site of our baby’s heartbeat. We had conceived exactly two weeks after our third miscarriage—something that rarely happens, according to medical textbooks and statistics.

Thank You God!

Thank God He is bigger than any statistic, medical textbook, or fertility special- ist. Thank You God for being so real, steadfast after our hearts, and faithful. God did prove that He is the Ultimate Healer! On June 2, 2012, at 7:09 a.m., the most beautiful creation, Emmery Katherine Moody, was born. Thank You, God, for answering our prayers.